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Nektarstock Analytics is Launching Soon!

The Nektarstock team has spent the past months developing a new analytics platform, Nektarstock Analytics. Since we were feeling inspired to make something for the community ourselves, we set out on this journey of development. As we are now nearing the last stages of development, we need alpha testing help from our community members.

All we need from you is to:

  • Try out the site
  • Answer a few questions about to compatibility and design in our questionnaire

For the first 10 alpha testers, we’ll include a free lifetime membership!




Nektarstock Analytics Platform 
The gist of our idea is to help fellow stock producers get better control over their content across a slew of image banks by using our analytics tool. Our platform will also guide newcomers into the microstock world, share advice, tips, and trends that will be helpful to all. The project includes new features tailored-made for microstock producers by microstock producers. We paid careful attention to what a microstock contributor needed, through our own experience and of colleagues. The resulting goal is to fulfil the needs of microstock producers to help them earn more money through analytics and community involvement. Therefore, we are blending analytics with community insights.

In reaching out to our peers for alpha testing, we would like to ask you to take part in the project. If you can’t but your friends can, let them know and get them in touch with us. We are planning to launch within the next few weeks, and the first 10 alpha testers will get free lifetime membership.

If the project had made you curious, or if you have tips, ideas, suggestions, or just want more info, we would love to hear from you.

Send us a message indicating your interest for alpha testing and we'll give you the instructions for the next step. 



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We were so excited about the success of one of our contributor's files, that we had to share some info and ideas with you! Read on for some tips on what to shoot to succeed. 


Recently we’ve had some success with a video file capturing a real-time skyscraper demolition explosion. When I first saw the file I knew that it would do well from the start. Just imagine how well this kind of content can be implemented in news and film media. So the reasoning behind my thought was that the demand would be high, the shot so awesome, and with such a rarely occurring event, my competition would be relatively low. 

The fact of the matter is that the stock media market is very competitive and the other files that are uploaded, your competition, in brief, have no expiry date. So the collections in stock media libraries keep growing and growing. 



So what can you do as a creator to stay competitive? How do you stay atop the surface amidst the ever-rising volume of content?

You have to be unique and highly creative. Sounds like a truism right? Well in stock media, it couldn't possibly be more important. It’s a fact that we can’t stop repeating to ourselves every time we do a shoot. So even if you’re not filming a once-in-a-lifetime event, you can push your one-of-a-kind creativity to make your work stand out. 

Everything has already been filmed, well almost everything. Now success will depend on how it has been filmed, and eventually, how much it has been filmed. If you are to stay competitive, you need to be as unique as possible while shooting content that is not as easily obtainable. So shots from outer space will be successful but have no worries, we need not go that far yet, planet Earth still has plenty to offer .

So back to our skyscraper detonation! Yes, it sells, and it will sell because it's not every day that we can get our hands on such content. When you do have the opportunity to film a rare event, you should, and you should do so with the utmost creativity. Keeping this in mind is another step to a successful stock (media) career. 


Tips on what to shoot

  • Rare or once in a lifetime events ( like our building detonation )
  • Remote locations 
  • Use filming techniques like stop motion and time lapse 
  • Drone shots 
  • BE CREATIVE and have fun!

Helpful tips and ideas: 

More about stock


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What is stock footage?


2019-11-16 10:37:45

Helpful Tips

Have you ever wondered what stock footage and stock photography are? We are happy to give you a brief explanation on what stock is, what's good stock, and even better stock! 


What can we consider stock? 
Anything can be stock! Yes, anything! From a simple shot of a hand pushing a doorknob to a breathtaking drone panorama of Manhattan. But the quality of the stock depends on its market demand. In most cases, drone panoramas and models are desired content, but checking out our newsletter for the latest stock trends and needs will really get you in the swing of things. 
In brief, stock footage, and other stock media such as photography and music, is:
1.       Reusable content many people can use and reuse in different ways and purposes
2.       Media that can be plugged into a larger work
3.       Content that saves producers costs and time
4.       Anything you can think of that will fit well into the first 3 criteria


What is stock used for? 
Stock content is mainly, but not only, used for advertising. You will also find a lot of stock footage being used for documentaries, film, and even youtube videos. Remember the photo of the guy sitting at his office desk smiling and giving a thumbs up? Well, that’s a very typical stock image found in countless advertisement productions. And, yes, it has been overdone, so we don’t always recommend it.  Commercial appeal and originality of content are of high importance. 


Stock saves time and money! 
While it's possible to make an entire advertisement using only stock videos, most times stock videos are one only part of the advertisement. After all, it’s much easier to plug in a 10-second stock video of the Great Wall of China into your ad, than going there to film it yourself. So a drone shot of the Great Wall of China is a great idea for a stock film and one that would always be a good earner for its creator. The reason for that being is, as mentioned above, the people creating the advertisements will save loads of time and travel expenses. Imagine yourself trying to make a minute-long clip of travel destinations, well that’s where you see how useful stock is. In just a few clicks you can have Paris, London, and Dubai footage and photos at your disposal. Or perhaps you’re looking for footage using models and don’t want to seek them out and film them? In a word, these are just some benefits that a purchaser of stock media gets.

Good stock is creative stock!
Stock is anything from simple videos and photos of everyday life situations, to travel photography, to 3d rendered images, to a mix of all. Better stock is, more often than not, material that is more difficult to shoot or find. Having models, drone shots, exotic locations, 3d renderings, will really boost your stock sales, as you will have less competition and higher demand. Uniqueness and creativity are also key, as the stock industry is always looking for ways to reinvent itself in an ever-growing world library of media.
By keeping these ideas in mind you can be on your way to earning an income through producing stock media. 

For more insights check out the following links:

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Why Nektarstock? What We Do


2019-11-16 10:31:50

Helpful Tips

What is Nektarstock? Perhaps you’ve stumbled across our website and still find yourself confused. Who are these guys? What Am I signing up for? What are the benefits? If these are questions that have you baffled, read on. 



What we do at Nektarstock

Nektarstock uploads and sells stock media across microstock platforms on the internet. But before we sell media, videos and photographs need color correction, and all media types need to be described and keyworded. These are crucial steps that guarantee higher acceptance rates and better sales. Having worked in the field for many years, we have the expertise and knowledge of the ins and outs of the business. Simply put, with us, your work maximizes its earning potential through our marketing, SEO, and video editing. 


Benefits of signing up with us

Another important benefit received through signing up with us, is that you become part of a strong and established profile. It’s not a secret that microstock agencies give benefits and perks to well-established profiles, not to mention a higher reputation leading to more files being accepted. Some of these benefits include lower commission rates per file sold and higher rates of acceptance through earned trust over the years. Mircostock agencies place files uploaded by well-earning profiles much higher in the search rankings, boosting the possibility of making a sale. By signing up with us you become part of our profile with its well-established reputation recieving the advantage of the benefits we have earned. And as the Nektarstock community and brand continue growing so do the earnings and popularity of your files. 


Even more

With a foothold in the industry, we always stay informed on the latest styles, trends, and happenings. We also take care of this part of the business by reaching out to you and giving you advice on what you should shoot, and by shifting our marketing and keyword strategies towards industry demands. 


Summary of what we do for you

  • color correction
  • keywording
  • marketing
  • strong profile
  • higher earning rates
  • lower rejections
  • tips and pointers
  • industry know-how


Do what you love doing and relax! 

Nektarstock takes care of business, marketing, and the technical requirement needs of the microstock industry so you don’t have to. If you love to shoot videos and pics, or create music, graphics, illustrations, you name it; we save you time and help you earn cash for doing what you love to do. 


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